Who are we?

We are a group of volunteers who have come together to bring life to a long cherished dream,  This dream is a supporters fund that has been discussed amongst diehard fans of Ayr United Football club for years.  The committee is made up of a fantastic and committed group of men and women who have given freely of their time and expertise to bring this dream to life.  The golden thread that runs through this committee is our undying love for AUFC.  Some of us barely knew each other before now, but now a strong bond have been formed to take our fan fund forward.

Now, we have brought it to life, and as early adoptors,we now invite you to join us and take forward our new and exciting supporters fan club otherwise known as AU 500 Fund

We are all volunteers who have all been vetted by Disclosure Scotland and for years have nurtured this burning ambition to form a thriving fan fund  A fund that is transparent, open, honest and accountable to fans of AUFC.  A club we all love.  Join us
now as
Honest Men of AU 500  Fund.

We are trying to raise funds for players for Ayr United

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